who we are.

Uncommon Hospitality is a hotel operations and development company based in Maine that delivers extraordinary guest experiences, enriching employment opportunities and meaningful community contributions while maximizing profits for our partners.

We take the "one size fits one" approach to our projects as each opportunity lends itself to its own unique solutions. We value all of the stakeholders in each of our projects equally - guests, employees, vendors, community members, and partners - and recognize every interaction as an opportunity for collaboration. 

extraordinary guest experiences

We focus heavily on the experiential takeaways of our guests and that drives the way we design our service and offerings. We aim not just to solve problems or satisfy needs but to provide memories and elicit emotions that our guests will remember for a lifetime.

enriching employment opportunities

Making sure everyone at Uncommon Hospitality feels seen, heard and valued has always been one of our priorities. We encourage and facilitate input and feedback on a regular basis, provide opportunities for further learning wherever possible and help to foster strong relationships amongst all levels of our team.

meaningful community contributions

We embrace the environment at each of our property locations and believe the local experience can - and should - exist inside the hotel, not just all around it. Our collaborations with our communities range from the decor inside the hotels being created by local artisans to hiring local experts as key staff members to guide guests through their ideal vacation to working with neighbors to raise awareness for important civil issues.

maximizing profits for our partners

To maximize returns for investors, we create multi-year cash flows, manage spending, implement statistical models to forecast revenue, develop property-specific marketing plans, and pinpoint opportunities to expand hotel offerings to improve positioning in the market.  Our record speaks for itself, as all Uncommon properties have experienced significant growth in Gross Sales and Net Operating Income under our guidance. 

188 State Street, Suite 201 Portland, ME 04101
contact information
E-mail: info@uncommongroups.com Phone: (207) 712 0096